Your safety

Roads along the route are not closed for the event, so it is important to take care and be aware of traffic along the way. Please observe the following:

  • For everyone’s safety, please run or walk on the left hand footpath or grass verge
  • Please do not run or walk on the road (re Hadlow start: once you get onto Gleniti Road)
  • Please observe all road rules – you do not have the right of way at intersections
  • Watch out for approaching vehicles at the road intersections you cross at
  • Follow any directions of the Race Marshalls at each intersection
  • The Run Marshalls are there to assist you to cross safely and to warn approaching traffic of your presence – they cannot stop the traffic
  • If you need help or observe a runner that needs help, please ask for assistance from the nearest run Marshall, or go into the nearest house, telephone 111 for emergency services
  • Use the left hand footpath or grass verge, not the road
  • Observe all the usual road rules and obey any instructions given by police
  • Participants do not have any special right of way when crossing roads
  • When crossing at any other intersection or a side road follow the usual pedestrian crossing rules
  • For full information please view our Road Safety Plan here

It's also your responsibility to monitor your own health and well-being, including advice about exercise or any medication you are taking. Please don't take risks!

St John Ambulance will be in attendance - dial 111 for help.

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