Dog control

You are welcome to bring your dog on a lead.

Please avoid unesessary mingling with other children using the Bay.  We dont want anybody frightened.

Only aid dogs should be taken on buses.

The Timaru District Council has made a special exception to allow dogs at Caroline Bay who are accompanying H2H participants. Please read and follow their requirements set out below.

Exemption is granted with the following conditions:

  • All dogs are removed from the area as soon as the event has finished.
  • There is sufficient control of all dogs during the event in accordance with the Dog Control Act 1996 and the Timaru District Bylaw 2006. This includes a minimum requirement that ALL dogs participating must be on a lead at ALL times.
  • There are sufficient resources to ensure that all dog waste is cleaned up immediately during the event. This also includes a requirement for all dog owners to carry bags for waste on the run itself.
  • The Bylaw is complied with in all other aspects with regards to animal control.

COVID-19 considerations

The COVID-19 Level System is to be observed. Please refer to:

QR codes will be posted with sanitiser at the start and finish.

The bus service is a private charter so please use facemasks at your own descretion.

Any notifications will be emailed to H2H subscribers, posted on this website, our Facebook page, and where possible, other media

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